A selection of some of our work in Torbay.

Poppies are one of the first perennials to show on this bank. Their bright colour has totally changed this area of the garden.


Screening of a compost area has shadowy benefits.

A secluded part of the garden with a nice combination of shrubs and perennials. 

In the heart of Torquay giants live. Giant Echiums

providing important nectar

to keep the native bees alive.

Wild flowers around the apple tree and a hidden lawn with a living screen.


Designing a changing walkway to an indoor bowling club in a Torquay hotel.

 We have planted extra tulips and alliums for next spring.

Keping an eye on the garden on a cloudy day.

More giants in Torquay.

Grass cutting - plus a garden with some of our landscaping work and hedge work and turfing and some stone work and planting and regular garden maintenance. And occassional fish and bird feeding. 

Tulips and Forget-Me-Nots after the snow.


Every garden should have one.

Spot the hammock.

The entrance to the wedding garden

Bulb planting

Second time around.

A bright spring display in Torquay


Verbena bonariensis and Lychnis coronaria. 

River view

False Ginger plant flower in early stages of opening. About 12 inches long by 8 inches wide.

Grass cutting and maintenance.