Regular Garden Maintenance in South Devon

 We are now taking on more garden maintenance work. 



 We maintain medium to large sized gardens on a regular basis

This will include; Grass cutting and strimming and edging, borders weeded, shrubs pruned, flowers dead headed, leaves cleared and hedges trimmed and planting, and anything else that is needed in order to keep the garden looking at its best.

With larger gardens there will always be extra tasks required each visit, and this is why we have a set hourly rate and an agreed time to spend in the garden. Apart from maintaining the gardens we do our best in the alloted time to improve things, this may require transplanting plants or suggesting new design ideas.   

There are no yearly contracts to sign, as we like to think we are there because of the standard of our work.

We have specialist hedge cutting gear and platforms in order top deal with tall and wide hedges.


Professional Hedge Cutting and Topiary and Pruning

Our hedge work service includes:

  • Quality hedge cutting and shaping to a high standard
  • Specialist topiary creation and maintenance
  • Pruning of old and unmanagable hedges
  • Thining
  • Re-planting
  • Planting new
Hedge trimming the laurel hedge that we planted around the car parking area.

Wisteria pruning.

Wisteria Pruning

Garden Design

Meadow walkways

Dividing a very large garden with a chestnut rustic fence to create two separate sections and make the garden feel more homely.


Planting designs

Design and landscaping.

A swirling design on a steep bank for a yachting couple


Stone work

The client will never know just how diffilcult this was-unless she reads this. Circular natural stone walling without mortar.

Natural stone walling. 

Building these retaining walls with natural stones from the Totnes area was a joy and a pain. Getting the stones down into the garden required quite a bit of

mountaineering skills plus mountain goat DNA.    

A cool sitting area under a large box shrub, but the resident pidgeon had other ideas. It  followed me around while I built  a number of natural stone retaining walls in this garden, and has slept each night over the last section.Must be a territorial thing.         

Bank work

Special seed impregnated matting to hold the bank in place.



After a very dry summer and lack of soil depth, a lot of the grass died. It was not helped by a lawn caring franchise feeding the lawn right in the middle of the drought.

Other garden services include:


  •  Organic Lawn maintenance
  •  Rose Pruning and other shrub pruning and dead wooding 
  •  Hard and soft landscaping