A very windy garden

This garden has amazing views but has to deal with strong winds gusting up the

 valley from the sea. Blocking the view is not an option and care has to be taken with the roots of certain plants because of the septic tank.The constant winter winds can also cause major problems with the plants, so it is quite a problem.      .  

An early photo of the garden showing the views . As the garden is surrounded by the countryside it was decided to allow the grass edges to grow long with wild flowers and a hammock. 

A selection of bamboos in large tubs to be moved around to create screens and new designs. The bamboos have to be clumped together during the winter to protect them. 

An aerial view showing the distinctive

 leaf shapes of the giant Echiums and the New Zealand Flax (Phorminm tenax)

As the design developed an uninteresting spot viewed from the living room started to develop into a pseudo jungle area with Cannas and false ginger plants added 

The side of the property also has a selection of Phormiums and bamboos.

The flower of the false ginger plant is just about to open. It starts as a spear like shape, and slowly opens to create many tubes for the individula flowers to grow down. It is worth planting right by the window so that the amazing proceedure can be watched up close.    

Last year quite a few of the older bamboos were divided and planted into smaller tubs creating another eight plants. This year they will be planted into larger tubs.

Some Phormiums have been planted in the garden and some are in tubs while the design develops.

The beauty of this type of designing is that plants can be added or subtracted or just moved around. At the moment they are still in groups or rather long lines huddled behind some existing trees. The Cannas should be larger this year like the year old bamboos but the remaining large bamboos will be split into two. And the design will probably be completely different.     

The flower of the False Ginger Plant almost 14" long. It is a shame that the flowers only last about two weeks, but sometimes they do not all open at the same time. I think that they are pollinated by moths as the scent first thing in the morning is at its strongest. The long red stamens certainly add to the flowers distinctive shape, Hedychium gardnerianum - The Kahili ginger lily or false ginger lily plus many other common names.