Torquay Hotels and Residential Gardens.

 For many years we have been maintaining a few hotel and residential gardens to a high standard. In fact we have helped hotels win four first place awards in the Bay Blooms competition in the large garden category, plus quite a few second place awards.     

We have recently helped with the installation of the gazebo so that weddings can now be held in the hotel garden. So lots of new planting is now underway for the summer. 

More tulips 2020. It was good year for tulips, if nothing else.


Residential apartments with a lovely sea view.


Set up ready for the wedding at 1 pm.

A  white fanfare to welcome the happy couple.  

The hedge at this residential complex is about ten feet high and twelve feet across. There is only 2" of soil under the grass, with sub soil and rubble under that. Keeping the grass alive during the hot summers is very difficult, but we manage.  

A selection of bedding plants with perennials and summer flowering bulbs.

The Balmoral hotel.

A hotel garden in Meadfoot

that we have maintained and developed for quite a few years. 

Spring 2020. The was the year that was not.

The main wedding garden area for the Toorak hotel.

Early summer planting

It was planted in the Autumn to cheer up the holiday makers in 2020.

The front lawn area for this residential apartment block.

Five months of heavy rain, six weeks of drought and a few days of rain.