Garden design photo's

Opening up a bricked up door and training the Wisteria from the side of the house out along the wall has created a highly scented magical area for a few weeks in late spring. 

How to incorperate a large field

 into the garden.

Two separate designs here. The laural hedge is screening a tarmac parking and turning circle. The home made chestnut fence is dividing a very large garden and creating different garden rooms. Interesting pathways now lead around the side of the hedge.    

Retaining the steep bank with railways sleepers has allowed us to screen off the top road with this planting. The planting is therefore of an evergreen nature.  



A 'Black Lace' elderberry with


Sambuchus nigra 'Black lace' is

certainly a plant worth having,   especially if it is grown against a white wall.  

We had an imput with the intitial design

 idea for this hotel garden, but the planting design is totally ours. 

 It has to be of interest right throughout the year, and has to bright and cheerful. This photo was taken during the early years when the tall flowering purple Verbena bonariensis is being used as the main structure.   


Stepping back and moving to the left changes the view and the colour scheme. A garden should not be seen in one glance. Even small gardens can have a sense of mystery.  

There will be wedding this afternoon, so everyone is hoping for a dry day.   

It can be seen from outer space, apparently. 

The entrance to the wedding garden is guaranteed to cheer everyone up, even the mother in law.