Gardens that we design, and gardens that we maintain,  but mainly gardens that we are lucky enough to work in on a weekly basis.

Screening of a compost area has shadowy benefits.

An old tree lupn acting as a book end.

I have wedged the old rotten trunk between two stakes to keep it going for a few more years. 

The seeds have been collected just in case.

Keping an eye on the garden on a cloudy day.

A view under the wisteria


In the heart of Torquay giants live. Giant Echiums

providing important nectar

to keep the native bees alive.

An impressive walkway in an impressive garden in Devon.


This Virginia creeper should be called 'Firewall'


More giants in Torquay.

A changing walkway to an indoor bowling club in a Torquay hotel.

 We have planted extra tulips and alliums for next spring.

Framing the view out into the garden.