Latest photo's of our gardening work etc, in South Devon.

South Devon Wisteria archway.

South Devon rose garden.

It has required quite a lot of work over the last few months to get it up to this standard.

A leaning Judas tree breaks up the middle lawn area.

Torquay wedding garden.

We have helped to install the gazebo into the garden bank so that the hotel can now hold outdoor wedding services.


These chairs are the N.A.S.A range - They can be seen from outer space ! apparently. 


South Devon rose garden.

 Adding lots of compost early in the year has certainly helped. We have had to spray with Rose Clear every fortnight as blackspot is a major problem in this rose garden.

Torquay hotel garden.

 Situated very close to the sea.

More roses in South Devon. There are four squares like this one, plus two large separate rectangles, with a total of over 300 roses. Pruning, which includes dead heading and the lawn edging plus spraying does take quite a while each week, - but it is worth it. 


Banksii rose in Torquay blooming away !

This is the best it has ever looked.

Update, June 29th, some of the flower beds are filling out slowly in the shade under the magnolia tree, but there is more to come. 


Designed planted and maintained.

 An older photo' of a garden that we are still maintaining today.