2016/17 Photo's

A selection from the cold and windy 2016 spring and summer photographs, which look a bit like winter ones.

Giant Echiums planted on a steep bank to soften the high conifer hedge that we love trimming each year.
Spot the chicken. At the top of the garden we are in the process of creating a meadow wildflower garden and an orchard , with winding pathways just for the chickens.
Second time around.

This is your last chance, -

Get out of the way !!

Tall summer flowers swaying gently in the breeze.
A lawn suitable for croquet was requested.
Viewing Agapanthhus against a copper beech, as seen from the lower pavement level. Or is it a photo' of an Agapnthus beside a country lake.
These should stop the alien space craft from landing. Unless they like artichokes.
They have landed.

< Perennial sunflowers in September producing a bright cheerful hedge full

 of bees and butterflies. They have stood up to the strong winds without being supported, but have required watering every two days during the summer drought to get them to this stage, because they are growing a band of very poor soil on a low bank,, full of stones with very little soil depth, so a reasonable amount of compost has been added. There are four plants, which were added by dividing two plants grown last year, and each oif these plants will double in size if care is taken. .    

 Early morning autumn colour. A nice selection of  shrubs and small trees with

 yellowing perennials.

Sometimes it is worth getting up at 5.30 am

Virginia creeper showing what an important climber

it is throughout most of the year, and it does not usually

damage the stone work.


Another of our long term projects. 

Just a really nice garden.